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Phone: 346-291-0862

Services Offered by HSRDC

The Houston Square and Round Dance Council, Inc. serves as an umbrella organization for the square, round and clogging clubs in the Houston area. Its purpose is to educate members and the public to the art of American folk dancing on a regular basis.

Some of the services offered by the HSRDC are:

  • Publication and distribution of a monthly square dance magazine, the "Where 'N' When."
  • Exhibition dancing for the Houston area, such as the Houston Livestock Show and St. Patrick's Day parade, Astros baseball games, the Museum of Fine Arts, AARP programs, etc.
  • Promotion of publicity through newspaper articles and radio and television appearances.
  • Providing a telephone listing which can be used by the public to get information on square dancing in the Houston area.
  • Serving as a "clearing house" so that special dances do not conflict with nearby club dances.
  • Promotion of fellowship between clubs, such as the Friendship Program and "banner stealing".
  • Maintenance of a history of square, round and clog dancing in the Houston area.
  • Providing a chaplain who is available to any member when needed.
  • Participation by officers in club specials, graduations and anniversaries.
  • Sponsorship of special dances such as the Houston Hoedown, the New Dancers Jamboree and Trade 'n Buy, student dances and the Leadership Seminar and Presidents' Dance. These dances bring in people from outside the Houston area, thereby boosting the local economy.
The HSRDC has quarterly meetings at which each member club has four votes. If a club also has a District Director as a member, the club's votes increase to six.

The HSRDC serves as a liaison between the Texas State Federation of Square and Round Dancers and the Houston area clubs. The TSFSRD provides free educational material to HSRDC and any member club dancers desiring some can obtain these materials. TSFSRD also provides portal-to-portal insurance coverage for accident or death for all square dancers while participating in square dance activities.

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